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Crocodylus Park

Crocodylus Park

815 McMillans Rd
Berrimah, Darwin, NT 0828

  • Cute!

    Our collection of primates includes Marmosets (pictured) and Cotton-top Tamarins, some of the world’s smallest primate species. These are a particular favourite for the kids.

  • Like my Hairstyle?

    With a somewhat unique hairstyle, the Hamadryas Baboons, are a recent addition to Crocodylus Park’s primate collection.

  • Crocs with Attitude!

    Come and get close to large adult Saltwater Crocodiles being fed and showing off the characteristics that have given them a reputation for ferocity.

  • Come see me up close and personal!

    Talk to our staff about a special "behind the scenes" tour of the Big Cats. Perhaps even get a chance to feed me.

  • Meerkats

    Our newest additions are the Meerkats. For a once in a lifetime opportunity, go for the Meerkat Encounter!


Bookings are essential - Limited Encounters Per Day.
Tel:08 89224500; E-mail: crocpark@wmi.com.au

An experience of a lifetime! Come face to face with the king of the jungle.
The feeding is done is a safe matter,outside the enclosure.
price: $50 per person per animal pair | time: 4pm | minimum age: 16 years

Visit Crocodylus Park

Crocodylus Park is the best place in Australia to come face to face with the largest reptiles on the planet! Built upon 30 years of experience in crocodile research and conservation, Crocodylus Park plays host to over a thousand crocodiles from 30 cm long hatchlings to massive adults measuring over 4.8 m and weighing more than half a ton! Our diverse array of other wildlife, including big cats, primates, birds and other reptiles, ensure the crocodiles don't steal all the limelight.

Animal Encounters


Join our crew and our playful Meerkats, Lions, Tigers, Monkeys, Tortoises, Chameleons, Blue Tongue Lizards, snakes and Dingos ... on a super special one to one occasion,  hand-feeding and learning about their cheeky behaviour.

Bookings are essential - limited encounters per day.
Tel:08 89224500; E-mail: crocpark@wmi.com.au

You will be able to feed and interact with our playful monkeys from the Amazon Jungle.
They are one of the smallest monkeys in the world.
price: $50 per person | times: 11.15am, 1.00pm & 3.15pm | minimum age: 6 years


Play, cuddle and have lots of fun walking or rolling with them in the grass!
Price: $30 per person | time: Any time after 9.00am | minimum age:4 years

The Beast has landed!

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