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Crocodylus Park

Crocodylus Park

815 McMillans Rd
Berrimah, Darwin, NT 0828

  • Crocs with Attitude!

    Come and get close to large adult Saltwater Crocodiles being fed and showing off the characteristics that have given them a reputation for ferocity.

  • School Holidays

    During the school holidays, Crocodylus Park has a range of activities to keep the kids occupied. Visit our website for more details on what ’s on!

  • A Horny Dilemma

    Banteng (pictured) and Water Buffalo are the largest of Crocodylus Park animals. Introduced at the time of settlement of the NT, Water Buffalo have become a symbol of the Top End.

  • Like my Hairstyle?

    With a somewhat unique hairstyle, the Hamadryas Baboons, are a recent addition to Crocodylus Park’s primate collection.

  • Curly one!!!!

    Come and see "Bari", the largest snake (5 m and 90 kg in weight) in captivity in the Northern Territory, at Crocodylus Park. Soon to be joined by a 4.5 m long Reticulated Python!

Meerkat Encounters available twice daily - starting 3 February 2015!

The Crocodylus Park Croc & Eco Cruise runs 10 am-3 pm daily

Crocodylus Park's Giovanna Webb is "2013 RIRDC Australian Rural Woman of the Year"

This is the first time that this highly prestigious Australian award has ever been won by a Northern Territory candidate. Read more ......

Visit Crocodylus Park

Crocodylus Park is the best place in Australia to come face to face with the largest reptiles on the planet! Built upon 30 years of experience in crocodile research and conservation, Crocodylus Park plays host to over a thousand crocodiles from 30 cm long hatchlings to massive adults measuring over 4.8 m and weighing more than half a ton! Our diverse array of other wildlife, including big cats, primates, birds and other reptiles, ensure the crocodiles don't steal all the limelight.

NEW! Meerkat Encounters

Visitors to Crocodylus Park now have a special opportunity to spend 10-15 minutes hand-feeding our Meerkats. Photographs are taken by your guide and provided to you on a CD.

With only two encounters per day (1030 am and 230 pm), bookings are essential. Contact Crocodylus Park (Tel: 89224500; E-mail: crocpark@wmi.com.au) for details. Conditions apply on group sizes and minimum age of participants.



The Beast has landed!

Professor Grahame Webb's new book Wildlife Conservation - In the Belly of the Beast, is now available. Summarizing 40 years of experience at the front line of wildlife conservation, nationally and internationally, the book is receiving acclaim from wildlife conservationists around the world. Illustrated with over 100 coloured photographs and cartoons, hand-drawn by Professor Webb, the 342-page book (46 chapters) is guaranteed to entertain, teach and challenge sensitivities. For reviews, order forms ......